Casey Johnson talks Ex On The Beach and life plans with girlfriend Marnie Simpson

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by Celebrity Secrets
13th April 2018

Fresh from the gym, Casey Johnson talks to us about washing up on the Ex On The Beach sand, the future with his girlfriend Marnie Simpson, and how he’d love to be I’m A Celebrity…if only he could get over his fear of creepy crawlies

Words: Niomi Ohl

We saw you come out of the water as Marnie’s ex. How did that come about?
“I got a call from a producer working on Ex On The Beach asking if I would go on. I was a bit confused, but then they said that Marnie was on it. We were on Single AF together and it didn’t really end well, so I thought I’d do it because I really liked her – we just needed another chance to make a go of things. They flew me over instantly. It was really quick. No planning or anything!”

Do any more ex’s come up from the water and cause drama?
“You’re going to have to watch! But I did go to the beach a couple of times. It’s a great show to be on, but it’s so tense! With all those feelings involved, there will always be arguments. You don’t really know who is going to come up from the water or what to expect and the wait on the beach is so intense. You are all there for some time sitting behind a hill and you genuinely do not know who is coming.”

Press Photography for Single AF, shot for MTV

So how are you and Marnie since Ex On The Beach?
“It was a make or break for us, but we are now stronger than ever! We live together now – we’ve bought our own place and we even have five Chihuahuas. We’re getting on really well.”

You met on Single AF, how was that compared to Ex On The Beach?
“It is totally different. I really loved Single AF as there weren’t as many arguments. Everyone got on well and I was able to fly all over the world. I went to Mexico, Lisbon, and Paris, just to name a few places. But as you know we were the celebrities that were supposed to be dating our followers.  That kind of backfired as we ended up liking each other!”

You seem to be spending a lot of time together. How did you know she was the one?
“We weren’t really as close on Single AF. We were kind of just flirting. I think it was after Ex On The Beach that I knew I really liked her. But it was weird going on the show thinking ‘does she actually like me or is she wanting to be with someone else?’ But in our case it worked. It made us want to spend even more time together.”

Press Photography for Single AF, shot for MTV

 You started out on X Factor when you were only 18! Does that seem like a life-time ago?
“Yes it seems so long ago! I’m so grateful for it though. I love X Factor and I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t done it. Single AF needed seven celebrities to take part and I was picked as one of them. If it wasn’t for the X Factor platform this would never have happened.”

Do you think you’ll ever go back to a solo singing career?
“I love music and I still do little covers now and again. I have a little studio in the house where I can still work on music, but I have other things on at the moment, too. I really enjoyed X Factor and I would advise anyone who wants to pursue being a singer to do it. Since I left the band my voice has developed and I feel I have the image for it now.  I started off as a musician, so it will always be in my blood.”

What’s next for you?
“My future is more and more TV.  It is what I love to do. I would love to have an opportunity to do something like Strictly or I’m A Celeb. But I do have a phobia of spiders, and creepy crawlies – but I guess that could be funny!

Lastly Can you tell Celebrity Secrets something our readers might not already know about you?
“I can dislocate my thumb and pop it back in. Disgusting, I know! I guess that is something people don’t know about me.”

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